Inline Comments on Blogs and Media Websites

FundaMine helps thousands of readers have contextual conversations on content. FundaMine's annotation tool enables your readers to leave Medium style inline comments & highlights on your content.

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The best part: It is super easy to integrate! Just add a small code snippet to your website or use our WordPress plugin. And you are done!


Inline Responses give readers the opportunity to engage with finer points in a story. Better context leads to better conversations.

Better conversations give you feedback and help you build an engaged readership.


Do 137% of your readers come from mobile? Don't worry, we've got your back!

FundaMine works beautifully on mobile phones, tablets, phablets or any other mobile device mankind might come up with!


FundaMine helps readers share content snippets in a better way through Tweetshots. They are the superior version of Text Shots that get 50% more engagement.

With Tweetshots, you got 99 paw-blems, but a tweet ain't one!


We help you monetize your engagement by powering below-the-fold ads. We also support an ad-free tier. To know details about pricing and ads, ping us at

Ads or not, FundaMine is free with no-strings-attached for the first month! ☺


Our state of the art machine learning systems detect spam and protect your website from it. Also you get an intuitive dashboard to easily moderate and reply to comments.

As a bonus, we also give detailed analytics & public ids of users for your website.


Basic UI customizations to make FundaMine blend well with your website, are available right from Day 0. After all, FundaMine on your website should feel like its belongs there!

Have some questions related to UI integrations? Drop us a line at

No cats were harmed in making this website.

One last thing!

We'll need your email & website to approve it for the plugin!

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