Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to all of the questions that people ask us related to FundaMine. This page is annotatable with FundaMine so you can engage with the answers seeking clarifications or adding opinions/thoughts.

Please feel free to add any questions that you think should be included by adding a comment here.


How will adding this affect my loading time?

FundaMine annotations only download a single file which is 46.2KB in size. It is about 1/4th the size of other popular commenting plugins like Disqus.

I already have Disqus? Can I still add this?

Absolutely yes. FundaMine doesn't affect Disqus or its loading time in any way.

How do I integrate FundaMine on my site?

If you are using wordpress then you can use our plugin. Or you can integrate FundaMine by adding the script tag in the headers of your page.

What are the kind of customizations possible?

The look and feel of FundaMine is majorly customizable. General customization related to color, click icon, etc are easily available. Unfortunately these customizations are not self-serve at the moment. To avail them, please contact us at

How can I customize the TweetShot?

The image used as the background for the TweetShot is selected by looking at the og-image tag which Facebook uses. The only thing customizable in the TweetShot is the logo, in place of your sitename you can add your logo using the admin dashboard.


Does FundaMine offer a separate admin dashboard?

Yes. On integrating the FundaMine annotations with your site, you can go to the admin dashboard where you can see all the comments, highlights and TweetShots made on your blog.

What kind of moderation capabilities are available?

Blog admins can remove a comment by marking it as spam, blacklist a selcted user from commenting and add other users as admins.


What's the pricing model?

FundaMine plans to monetize by embedding non-distracting contextual ads in the comment boxes. Any revenue generated from that will be shared wit the blogger.

I don't want FundaMine ads in the comment boxes on my site?

Sure! We understand your choice. But to sustain the service we will have to charge you a fee per month. This will vary on the blog size & traffic. To know more details please contact us at


Can I export all the comments I have recieved?

Absolutely. You can do this from your admin dashboard.

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